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Why ‘Guide to Avoid Radiation’?

A year and 9 months after the nuclear meltdowns, many people continue to live in the radiation-contaminated areas of Japan. Not only does radiation keep releasing from the crippled power plant, it is also spreading into everyday life of the vast majority – through air, water and especially food distribution. Many people are using various methods to avoid exposure to radiation on their own. Yet we know very little about the contamination. And what should we travelers do about radiation while we stay in Japan? Is this something we can ignore in a short-term visit? Is it really safe to travel there right now? How long can I stay there? What are the precautions we should know about? What can we eat? Is it okay to drink tap water? Any possibilities of more radiation releases? We attempt to find guidance to these questions.

The best thing to do about radiation is to stay away from it – but we do not want to discourage people who are seeking to visit Japan. The people in the current political climate in Japan needs our solidarity, and most importantly, voices of the people need to be heard. There have been numerous conferences, international meetings and actions with guests from overseas but there are little information on ‘how to avoid’ in languages other than Japanese. For this reason, we’re going to share information in English for those who plan to visit, yet avoid exposure to radiation as much as possible. At the same time, this is a way to learn and imagine what it is like to live under the radioactive contamination. Nobody is obliged to risk negative effects of radiation at any level.

This project is hugely supported by the knowledge and will to survive of our friends in Japan. In addition, your insights and support are necessary to keep this project alive. To get in touch with us, please contact at

December 2012